Debt Validation

To best explain Debt Validation, we will go through a typical scenario during the debt settlement process.  For example, say the original creditor has given up trying to collect from you.  Your account is now 180 days delinquent and the creditor has taken their write-off and assigned the account to an independent collection agency.  Or, the delinquency is older and the account has been reassigned to another collection agency, a collection attorney, or even sold to a junk debt buyer.  The reason why the account has reached this point is because you still have not accumulated enough money to offer a debt settlement deal and you still need more time.  In this scenario, an effective and legal delaying tactic is Debt Validation.

Upon initial notice from these debt collectors you will be advised that the original creditor has assigned or sold the debt to them and that you have 30 days to question the validity of the debt in question.  Since these collectors are governed by the FDCPA you have the right to demand certain proofs from these agencies regarding the debt in question.  These rights are called Debt Validation and are covered by the FDCPA Section 809 (b).

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